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Tri Fuel Generator

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Powerland Tri Fuel Generator was developed by Powerland with its patent pending technology. It is tri fuel ready unit and customer does not need to add on any conversion kit to run on LPG (propane) and NG(Natural Gas) and gasoline fuels. It has EPA issued true tri fuel engine certificate which means Powerland Tri Fuel Generator can be legally operated in anywhere in US.

The Benefit of running on LPG (propane) & NG(Natural Gas):

  • The clean emissions are better for the environment
  • The carburetor will not gum up-for dependable starting every time.
  • Larger fuel supplies-can give much longer run times and no dangerous HOT refills.
  • Safer fuel-propane and natural gas have proven to be safer than gasoline.
  • Lower maintenance-with less moving parts and a fuel that CANNOT gum up!
  • Longer engine life-absolutely no impurities in alternative fuel.
  • When disaster strikes gasoline can be difficult to get because gas stations are not able to supply gasoline without power. Gasoline is also difficult to store in large quantities because it becomes bad relatively quickly. Powerland tri fuel generators solve this problem by operating on the common vapor fuels such as Natural Gas and Liquid Propane which are usually available in large quantities even during an unforeseen disaster.

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